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Meet the Team 


Born and raised in the Bay Area but full Mexican blooded. I've had a passion for cooking and baking since I can remember! I would always join my mother in the kitchen and help as much as I could. After high school I attended the Culinary institute of America at Greystone ('15) and graduated with an associate degree in culinary arts. After school, I worked for multiple catering companies but then decided to focus on my own business. I want to bring something unique and delicious for you all to try; while incorporating Mexican flavors into them.  


The backbone of Gigi's One Bite Wonder. Born In Mexico worked hard to be where she is now. Dedicated many years cleaning houses. Jumping obstacles and doing the impossible (along with my father) to give us everything we needed and then some. With a passion for cooking and baking, She dedicates herself making custom Mexican desserts and offering Taquizadas for events. She is the right hand for Gigi. Super grateful to have her!

Mamma Bear 

Gigi's One Bite Wonder 

"How did Gigi's come about?" "When did you start this business?" These two questions are the two I get A LOT. Well now, i'll answer them for you! Gigi's One Bite Wonder Started back in 2017. I had quite my full-time job to focus on my baking business. See back then, I offered more of the generic desserts menu; cupcakes, fruit tarts, mini cheesecakes, etc. It was so hard to get into farmers markets and get clientele in general. So I decided to back to work and worked for a couple of years, until 2020. At this point, I was working at a car dealership and wanted to start something that no one really knew about and wasn't accessable. I fell in love with filled brioche doughnuts, so I came up with a recipe and wanted to include Mexican inspired flavors. I started making doughnuts part-time, twice a month on weekends only. My Job at the time was Monday-Friday and since prepping took hours, I only sold them on Sundays. I was surprised to see how many people ordered the first time and on. Shocked but very grateful. Now, the doughnuts I started off making were 3 nice, big portion sized doughnuts-- but after some feedback, I decided to make them smaller so they can be more enjoyable. Time went by and I was more eager than ever to start my own business. So in May of 2022, I decided to quit my job and focus on my business full-time. Now, my mother and I work on creating delicious mini filled doughnuts for birthdays, parties and pop-ups! My Goal is to eventually have a store front but for now, I just want to focus on getting my name out there!! See me at a local event near you! 

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